Finishing the auction quilt

I appreciate so many of you giving me your opinion on which piece to work on for this auction quilt. I spent a bit of time playing with those pieces in my last post, and decided they just weren’t bright enough for me. So I went back to my scraps so I could finally finish this project. I found this piece of fabric I had brushed dyed and printed awhile back and decided to use it. I could have ironed it before I took the picture!

I decided that the background was way too pale. I wanted something brighter. So I cut out three of the feathers and auditioned them on some of my dyed fabric.

I really liked the lighter green, but since I wanted more pop I chose the red. After adding the batting and backing to the fabric, I sewed straight lines. Then it was time to audition the feathers. Just a reminder, I am auditioning with the white frame since that’s how it will look when auctioned.

I found I was limited by the feathers as they were on the fabric, so I cut them apart.

Now I have a lot more flexibility.   I kept moving them around.

Then once I chose my favorite, I ironed down the feathers (I had put heat and bond on them before I cut them out), and took them to the sewing machine. You won’t be able to tell by the photo, but I used silver metallic thread to sew the veins of the feathers.

The piece is zigzagged around the edges since they won’t be seen. This was the last step before I cut the 6 x 8 inch quilt and zigzagged the edges.

Here is how my finished Spotlight Auction Quilt will look like framed.

I will tell you that I think it looks much better in person. And I’m happy with it. Before I ship it off for the auction I had to come up with a name and an artist statement. I’m calling this Strength, Wisdom and Balance.

Now to finally work on that wall hanging that has been pinned to my design board since last October! Hope you’re having a great Sunday and an even better upcoming week.