Osnabrück Textile Square Call

Awhile back I told you about this collaborative art exhibit that will be shown in Osnabrück, Germany later this summer. Artists from the sister cities have been asked to submit a 20 x 20 cm (approximately 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 inch) square. Since my hometown is one of the 11 sister cities, and I have a connection to that area in Germany, I wanted to participate.

The art quilts needed to represent something that makes the artist happy. After playing with several ideas, I decided that my irises are high on my happiness scale. The other piece I showed in this blog post I wasn’t happy with so I switched gears. I sent a picture of my iris garden to Spoonflower to have it printed on fabric.

I decided that I wanted to add some applique irises on top of the photo.

They are easy to make. Here is the post where I show how I make these embellishments. However, this time instead of using batting or felt, I backed them with Wovenfuse. Pellon SF101 would also work. Before stitching down I played with arranging them on the background. Once I decided on where I wanted them, I glued down the first two with the Fons&Porter glue stick.

I stitched down the first two and then added the others, all with black thread.

Now to assemble the art quilt. For the background fabric I am using a piece of my dyed fabric. Since my great grandmother, Margaretha Kaiser Heines, was born and lived her early life in Südmerzen, just 30 km away from Osnabrück, before immigrating to the US in 1840s, and the fact genealogy also makes me happy, I included her on the back. I’ll be posting about that process in the next couple of days.

I placed both right sides together, sewed around the edges leaving an opening to turn. Then stitched around the edges. Here is my finished piece: The Iris Parade.

They also asked for a type explanation of the piece that will be displayed with the final piece, and a photo of the artist. I’ll be writing that up and dropping this off next week.

It was a fun project. And speaking of irises, a few have shown up. This one is Protocol. She’s always early, and such a beauty.

Hope you are having a good weekend. See you next week.