Playing with TAP

In my last post I showed you the Osnabrück Square Challenge. On the back I added my great grandmother and grandfather’s picture. I used Lesley Riley’s TAP (Transfer Artist Paper).

I had used this product years ago, but I couldn’t remember how it worked. First of all, you use this in a inkjet printer. Don’t use it in a laser.

One side of the paper has dots and the name of it. You will print on the clean side.

Here is my original photo.

I wanted to take out the background but was having difficulties in Photoshop Elements (PSE). Then I found Remove BG website. You get one free high resolution photo before you have to pay, and it’s so easy. So I removed the background and got this. In PSE I cleaned up the photo just a tad. I copied the picture several times, making different sizes. I printed them out on regular paper, to see how they would look on the fabric.

Once I was happy with the size, I printed on TAP, and then transferred to fabric to see what it looked like. Here is one of the samples.

Once I decided where to put the image, I turned it over and ironed all over the back in a circular motion.

I used a silicon sheet on this one to iron down the image. But for the others, I just ironed directly on the back of the TAP.

That sure didn’t work out!!

So I tried another. Nope, didn’t like how you can’t see her face.

That made me decide to print it on a plain or light background.

That was okay, but I really didn’t like the brown tones, so I went back to my file in PSE and removed the color.

Now, whenever you use text you need to mirror the text, but I forgot! So I printed one and this is what I got. Darn!

I decided that my green dyed fabric would match with the front, and was light enough for the picture to turn out. So it was back to PSE to flip it. However, I got confused and decided to change the order of the names. Not the right thing to do!

So it should have Theodore’s name first, but I really didn’t want to waste anymore TAP so I’m going with it!!

I still need to practice more with this product. I ordered Lesley Riley’s new book, Photo Memory Quilts: The Ultimate Guide to Showcase Ancestry, History & Treasured Times where she uses TAP. I ordered it back in September, and I received it last night!! Can’t wait to dig into it.

The weather has turned cold here, so I’m spending time playing in my studio. However, I just walked outside to see what was going on and I could smell the lilac bushes.Wish I could send the smell out to you!