FREE!! Easy Silk Dyeing Class

I’ve decided to share my Easy Silk Dyeing class for free,¬† so all of it will be available on my YouTube channel by the end of the weekend.

I taught this class locally for years prior to COVID. I created the online class so others could learn at home how easy Colorhue Dyes were to use. These are instant set colors that only work on silk fabrics. But don’t just think silk scarves. These dyes can also dye silk broadcloth and raw silk, which make lovely art quilts.

I used Colorhue dyes with resists on silk hankies in this blog post.

And I dyed numerous scarves.

You also can make cards with the fabric.

It’s great stuff!! And it’s easy to use.

So if you’d like to watch my class videos, go to my YouTube channel. They are under the playlist Easy Silk Dyeing. All of the videos will be uploaded by the end of the weekend.

Meanwhile my Icy Delights is still available for the reduced price of $25. Check out this blog post.

Today Jurassic Park showed up. Love my irises!!