Making some new greeting cards

It rained the other day which gave me an opportunity to play inside.

I’ve had this piece of fabric from a dyeing class I took years ago. It was so much fun to dye!  I really love it but have trouble using it in a big project. However, I thought it would be great for cards.

I cut some batting and since I wanted all of the colors I tore a couple long strips of the fabric.

The fabric strips were too wide, so I tore them again, and then cut them to fit on the batting.

I used the Fons & Porter glue stick to tack the fabric on the batting.

Then I placed them on the batting.

And here is the finished 5 x 7 piece that will be cut down to fit on the 5 x 7 card.

But first I wanted to sew down all of the pieces. I’m using gray thread.

Once it was finished I cut the piece to the finished size.

I wanted to add a word to the card. The words I had printed on the fabric awhile back.

I sewed the word and an applique I had made for an early project. Here is a post about making embellishments.

Here I am adding the Craftfuse and then watercolor paper. If I did it again, I’d either leave off the batting or the watercolor paper.

I zigzagged the edges and then painted the word with Stained Fabric Markers. I had never used them so they were a bit dark for me. Also, if I did this over I’d use the green marker!

Then the piece was glued to the card. And here are both of the cards again.

I really like using my fabric. It works great for a card. I’m not sure it would work for a larger piece.

Oh, I got an email recently to tell me that my blog was #4 of the 20 best dyeing blogs and websites. I was surprised since I’ve not done a lot of dyeing lately, although I’ve been thinking a lot about it!! Here is the link if you want to check out the other blogs you might want to follow.

Lots of gardening going on here between the rain. Hope all is well at  your house. As always, thanks for dropping by.