2023 Iris Parade

Another great Iris Parade here at Happy Acres. What joy they bring me. This year 41 different irises joined the festivities.

Here is a video I made of my tour a week or so ago, although they had not all bloomed yet. If you are reading this via email, you need to come to the blog to see it,  or go to YouTube.

Iris Garden Tour 2023


Jurassic Park and China Moon really took off this year. But then many of them did much better than they’ve done in years.

Most of my irises have names since I’ve purchased them from Schreiner’s. They have a great selection and the irises are always in great shape. Sometimes they will bloom the year following planting them in July, but some do wait until the next year. In the past I would buy irises from etsy and other places, and never had the luck I had with Schreiner’s. Also, if you buy so many, you get one free.

But on with the parade. Here are the beauties from Schreiner’s that I purchased in 2022. I bought 7 and got 2 free. Three did not bloom. Hopefully we’ll see them next year. If you scroll over the pictures you will see their names.

Here are other irises that bloomed this year purchased from Schreiner’s in 2020. Everyone I purchased bloomed. Riveting and Rag Top were free with this order.

The following irises I bought from Schreiner’s in 2018. What is amazing is Air of Mystery had never bloomed until this year. Halloween Halo has never bloomed, and Dynamite blooms every year but didn’t this year!

Here are the ones I bought in 2015 from Schreiners. Several on the list I’ve not seen in years, but here are the ones that are still around.

Then we have the two irises Mary gave me.

Here are two that Susan gave me.

This is a new one that Dave added.

Banberry Ruffles

These are some of the irises that were here when we moved in. The small yellow one was one that Dave brought over from his farm. I don’t remember ever seeing the Light Rose one!

These I purchased around 2009.

This was one that was mislabeled. It’s not an old one, but it sure is not what was on the label so I’ve named it Purple Unknown!

Purple Unknown

It’s been a wonderful year for my irises. I can’t believe I ended with 41 different ones. Looking forward to next year.