Printing with daisies

After irises, my favorite of flowers are my daisies, specifically Becky Shasta daisies. They are so easy to grow. Since I’ve been on a printing spree, I thought it was time to see how they would print. To watch my video tutorial, scroll down.

This is one of my Becky daisy plants in the sun garden.

Here are the supplies I used:

  • Daisies
  • fabric
  • gel plate
  • fabric paint
  • newsprint or computer paper

Here is the YouTube video:

After adding the paint to the plate, I tap the daisy into it.

Make sure your daisy is covered with paint.

Now place the painted daisy on the fabric.

And the result.

However, usually I use the paper to make sure the petals have contact with the fabric. The video shows that much better than this picture.

And continue on.

Here are some of the prints.

But you don’t have to cluster the flowers. I see these being stitched and then cut out and used as appliques.

Then I though adding black over the colors would be interesting.

Here is one of the flowers up close. Love all the colors.

I thought a black and white print would be nice.

Here is how the daisies looked after my printing sessions!

You get an organic look with this printing which I really love. My next step is to take them to the sewing machine. Stay tuned!