Printing fabric with garden leaves

I was cleaning up (well, attempting to clean up)  my computer desktop and I found this file called garden leaves. I opened it up and it was all of the pictures for a post about using garden leaves to print on fabric instead of my regular tree or shrub leaves. I usually make this type of folder right before I write the blog post. With all that’s gone on the last couple months, I forgot about it. So here is my post on printing fabric with garden leaves. As one of the kids asked at the day camp this summer, “So you can print with any leaves?” Well, yes but….

I walked down to the garden with Dave so I could get some leaves to print with. We started with the broccoli.

And here is my broccoli leaf print. I’ve printed them like so I could eventually cut them out after sewing.

Then to the collards. Check out this post and this newer post on printing with collards.

And the print.

And another collard print on dyed fabric.

I love kohrabi and the leaves.

And the print.


And the print.

Here is a print of a few of the leaves with black paint.

Those are just some of the leaves. Not all leaves work.  I tried several of the squash leaves, and in addition to being “hairy” they were not sturdy enough and really hard to work with. You also want leaves that have nice veins. It’s fun finding more leaves to print. For information on the actual leaf printing process check out this link to my leaf printing posts. I also have this leaf printing video on my YouTube Channel.


Now that I have all of these prints and the recent daisy prints, I have lots to play with. Hope you are staying cool. It’s sure been a hot one this summer.