Resisting with Daisies

I’ve been on a daisy kick lately, and thought I’d use resist with daisies to see what happened. It’s really the same process as printing with daisies. If you missed that post, see this link.

I’m using Jacquard Water-Based Resist. I’ve added it to my gel plate with my brayer. Then I pounce the daisy into the resist.

I stamp it onto the fabric.

After I stamp, I press down the petals with a piece of paper to make sure the flower has made good contact with the fabric.

Now I have to wait for the resist to dry which is usually several hours, so I just let it sit overnight. This is what you get when it’s dry.

Now I will paint over it with Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow.

And this is what you end up with.

Once the paint is dry, it needs to be heat set on the wrong side of the fabric. You can tell in the picture that it’s on the wrong side because there is not as much resist showing through.

Next, rinse out the resist. This doesn’t take long at all with this resist. Once it’s all rinsed out, I throw it in the dryer and then iron it.

Here is the piece. Now, it’s not done. I’ll be stitching it soon. If I wanted to I could stitch and then paint the centers.

Here is another piece. The resist ended up not as defined because with Dye-Na-Flow if you want the colors to blend the fabric needed to be wet. However, if the fabric is wet, then you will lose some of your resist. With the blue piece I didn’t have to make it wet because it was just one color.

And here I started to stitch it. I outlined the daisies making it easier for me to see them.

And here it is almost all stitched up. I’m thinking about cutting it out and adding the whole piece to a different fabric because I don’t like that part of the background is blotchy.

Our bathroom renovation is finally finished after six weeks. Here are some before and after pictures. The new bathroom is on the right. We removed everything except the mirror and the vanity.

I just noticed the new shower wall. It is a straight wall, but looks a bit wonky from the angle I took it!! The shower has a rain shower head and a hand held sprayer. We’ve used these types of showers on vacation and have dreamed of some day having our own. Now we do!

Love getting rid of those makeup lights, and all of the brass hardware. I had switched out the vanity hardware back in 2020 so that it would eventually match our new bathroom.

I’ve already taken this walk-in tub for a test soak. It’s a personal hot tub, and I don’t have to go outside to use it! I’m looking forward to many more baths.

Now I’m working on some pieces to hang on the walls. The daisies will find a place there for sure!