Cards and More Cards

I’ve really enjoyed using stamps to make appliques and embellishments on cards. Here are some of the ones I’ve made so far.


I started with those cards from my last post using the foam stamp applique pieces.

Applique using foam stamps

Next, I used that handmade foam stamp and stamped on the fabric, and then colored with fabric pens.

stamped and painted cards

Here is one I stamped with a purchased stamp, and painted with the pens. Like the other ones, I stitched around the design. On this one I sewed felt to the back, and glued to the card.


This last set was strips of fabric from this previous post. I really liked the four fabrics together, so I just sewed pieces to the cards. The dots are made from some new paint I just purchased: Arteza 3D fabric paint. They are so much fun. I am looking forward to using them in more projects.


As I mentioned earlier, I am participating in a monthly challenge in the Facebook Postcard Fabric Art. This month the topic was the Renaissance. I chose to focus on the clothing of the era, specifically the corset. This was so much fun to make. Looking forward to next month’s challenge.


I’ve been spending some time outside working on the shade area. Here are a few of my favorite plants from that area. My Lily of the Valley are really spreading.

Lily of valley

Love these Lenten Roses that are still hanging around.

Lenten roses

And the Solomon’s Seal is such a beautiful plant.


Then in the sunny areas I started the iris count with my first two. The first is Protocol.


This one I refer to as Grandma’s Iris since it reminds me of all of the irises grandma had at her home.

grandma's iris

That’s all for today. Hope this day brings you some inspiration and hope. And I can’t say it enough – we will get through this challenging time. Until next time, stay safe and well.