ABC’s of Art Part 4

Now to finish the ABC’s of Art.

U is for unfinished. This is a print from Pat Pauly’s Glorious Prints week-long class at QSDS last year. I really hated my quilting on it. I do have other prints in this series, but this was my favorite. I guess I need to print some more.

V is for vacation – Solarfast print from a Hawaiian vacation photo. Check out this blog post and this newer post about this interesting product.

W stands for watercolor. Drawing on fabric, stitched, and tinted with watercolor. I love using watercolor if I don’t have the right color fabric for my background. I also love the look of watercolor on fabric. Here is the link to the tutorial for this piece.

Y is for yellow. Summer Delight, which includes some of my spinner art.

Summer Delight

Z is for zentangle-inspired.

That’s it. You will notice no X. I just couldn’t come up with anything!!

Meanwhile, I’ve been spending a bit of time organizing in the studio, dye studio, and in the house. That has really brought me happiness, but no art. Next week will be a good time to dive back in to the creative pool.

Have a great weekend.