Happiness During COVID

Years ago in high school I worked on the paper. Often, after the whole paper had been laid out, there would be “holes” or empty white spaces that needed to be filled. One of our go-to solutions was to add a “Happiness is” list.  Below is one of those lists from the Bosse High School Spirit newspaper 1967.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what happiness is during COVID. Of course, I feel so fortunate that I have a warm home, plenty of food, my health, a supportive partner, and friends I can talk to on the phone or see on Zoom. But I have been looking at what really makes me happy during this difficult time.

I found that organizing has really brought me joy. Organizing is giving me some control over the situation. It’s something I can do. I started with the socks and undies. I bought these great organizers from Amazon (link). I love that every pair of socks and panties have a home.

I moved over to the closet and found that having my walking clothes all organized also made me happy. Here is a link to those organizers by the same company I used for the socks and undies. Whatever didn’t fit in the boxes, went to the garage where I have several boxes that I’ll be taking to the local thrift store.

Then to the kitchen. I make Muesli about once a month. Prior to organizing, every month I would have to search through the pantry to find the ingredients I needed. With this container, everything I need is in one place. (Of course, we couldn’t live without our label maker!) If you are interested, here is our recipe for Dry Toasted Muesli.

We’ve added (I said “we” since Dave and I have both gotten into the organizing kick!) these containers to other supplies in the kitchen, and in other areas of the house.

I recently bought these Rubbermaid FreshWorks keepers for produce. I wanted a container to keep the lettuce that I buy from the grocery store or that Dave brings in from the garden. It can get slimy if it’s kept in a bag. The other container was filled this morning with peppers Dave just harvested from the garden.

Then on to the laundry room. Costco had this cute shelving unit that fit perfectly in the corner.

Instead of stacking stuff on the shelves, I wanted most of the items to be contained. The wire containers came from Wayfair.

While at Wayfair, they had a great price on cabinet hardware. When we remodeled the kitchen a couple years ago I changed out all of the cabinet hardware. I’ve been wanting to do that in the bathroom and laundry rooms. I still am missing two that I’ll need to pick up at the local Lowe’s when I get out and about again.

I’ve also reorganized and cleaned the dye studio and my studio, but that’s for another post. So with all of this organizing I have found that it’s about control – having control over something since we sure are not having much control over COVID.

I also find happiness in this mask I bought online. I love that it really fits because it is adjustable. Also, you can buy a chain to attach to it so your mask hangs around your neck when you don’t need it. No more having to stuff it in a pocket or purse. I can’t believe others have not thought about that. However, I did see someone making mask chains out of fabric recently. You can check out her masks and chains here.

Lastly, creating when I finally push myself to do it, makes me happy. I finally finished three more purses for the Sew Powerful project. 

What is neat about these purses is that they are made mostly from recycled fabric. The blue purse fabric is from a pair of Dave’s shorts that he loved, but needed new elastic around the waistband. Instead of fixing them, I cut them up for purses. The accent fabrics on those two purses came from my friend Dawn. The black purse is made from a pair of Dave’s black jeans, and some fabric I’ve had for over 20 years. I’ll be sending these and the other four I made last year to the organization next week.

And who can’t be happy when you have these sweet faces around. Penny likes to sit on my lap in the morning while I’m checking my email. Ally sits on the cutting table checking out what Penny and I are doing.

Just a note that none of the links are affiliate links. I just wanted you to see where I had purchased them in case you liked them. This afternoon I have a project I’ve been wanting to do. So hopefully my next post will be about it. Just a hint – my hair has gotten so long that I need something to keep it out of my face.

I’d love to hear what makes you happy during this time. Please stay safe and well.