Working on some new projects

I don’t know about you, but I go full speed, and then I work as slow as a turtle. Luckily, right now I’m in the fast mode while working on some new projects.

The first is my art quilt about my grandma, Lillian Haag Schatz or Mayo, my nickname for her. Really it will be about Mayo and her sister Lulu, who were the best of friends. Lula’s daughter and my mom were about the same age and were good friends.

I have been struggling with the background, trying to think of what would scream Mayo to me. And, of course, that would be her quilts. Each of my siblings were given several of her quilts. When my brother died, I got a couple of his. This was the one of his that I’ve decided to use. It’s appropriate that it’s the Grandmother’s Flower Garden design.

However, even though my brother really used these quilts and they are pretty tattered even with a couple of holes, I hated to cut them up. And using the actual quilt for the background would be pretty heavy. So, I decided to take pictures of several of the “flowers” that were in pretty good shape. I then printed the pictures on fabric. If you aren’t familiar with how to do that, here is a link to a tutorial on the latest way I like to do this. I removed the paper, and then cut them out.

I’m still trying to decide on the actual background they will sit on. I plan to use at least two of these pictures which will also be printed on fabric. I love Lulu’s smile. I sure wish I could have gotten to know her.

Mayo and Lulu
Lulu and Mayo; Mom and Margaret (backrow)
Lulu and Mayo

One of the other projects I’m working on is my new online class – All About Resists. I’m hoping to have it online by the end of the month. I love using resists on fabric, and the more I’ve been playing with them for this class, I am loving them even more! I’m even thinking one of these resist fabrics will be the background behind the flower cutouts for grandma’s art quilt.

Here are just a few samples from the class so far:

So much fun.

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful.  Today, in addition to our morning walk, we’ll be cutting the grass for the last time this season. Dave and I split the grass cutting since we have a bit to cut. But it’s a beautiful day for it. Hope you are having a good weekend. Thanks for dropping by.