My finished flag

I finished up my flag that I blogged about on the last post. I was wanting to finish another one before I posted this, but I can’t make a decision on that design.

The Welcome is a SVG file I purchased on Etsy here. I loved that it included birds, so appropriate for the wildflower area. I am using my Scan and Cut for this SVG, and since I had never used the machine to cut out ripstop I did several tests. The fabric, even though not as slippery as nylon, was still hard to cut without some type of stablizer. I ironed Heat N Bond Lite to the back side of the fabric and placed the paper side down onto the cutting mat. Here are my settings: Blade 5.5; Speed 1 and Pressure 5. However, if you decide to use a SVG file, test it first since all machines work differently.

Once it was cut out it, I removed the backing paper, and ironed it to the flag. I sewed it down with orange thread.

Now to cut out the heart the old fashion way!

I printed out a picture I like and placed it on my light table. I covered it with a piece of Heat N Bond Lite with the paper side up.

Using a pen I traced the heart.

Once it was traced it was time to cut out the pieces.

Each piece was ironed to the back side of the ripstop.

And I ended with these pieces.

I cut them out, removed the paper backing and arranged them on the flag base.

Now to iron them down.

I decided to sew them with matching thread color. If I do this again, I’ll just use a neutral thread. I also taped down each piece to make sure they wouldn’t move while I’m sewing. I also stitched around the pieces twice.

And the finished flag.

That’s it! Pretty easy. The only thing that took me so long was deciding on what to put on the flag. Now to finish the other flag waiting at my sewing machine.