Painting Rocks Again

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve painted rocks so I decided it was time to get them out and play.

You can see my other posts on rocks here and here. I decided to try some new markers for this batch of rocks.

If you want to try using them, I’d recommend just the extra fine tip. The Medium markers worked fine, but I could have done without them. If you are painting larger rocks, yes, get the medium ones. The medium pens are larger too, and for me kind of hard to handle.

Another thing I’m trying this time is to cover the rocks in Matt Medium. According to Lucie Duclos in her Skillshare class, “The Art of Stone Painting” she suggests this treatment because it gives the rock a smoother surface. Also, if you make a mistake and the paint is still wet, you can wipe it off. I did try that and I still wasn’t able to get all of the paint off, but mostly. Be sure and let the medium dry before you add paint. She said if you do add Matt Medium, then you will have to also add the medium on top of the design or it will come off.

But you don’t have to use it, as I didn’t on all the rocks I painted previously.

If you aren’t happy with your design, you can just paint over it. White or black make great backgrounds to start your design. I found the colors brighter on the white background as opposed to the naked rock.

Here are my rocks before adding the top coat of the Matt Medium.

And here they are with the top coat. They are a bit more shiny.

I really do like these markers. The colors show up much better on the white painted rock, but they still show up.

To get started on drawing on rocks or any substrate, practice on paper. I did a lot of that before I moved to fabric, cds, and then rocks. My fascination with drawing mandalas started in July 2015 after taking Mandala Magic online class from Alisa Burke. I blogged about it here. Check out her class here. It’s reasonably priced, and a great basic class to get you started.

 Lucie’s class is just about painting on rocksThere is a link on her website for signing up for a free month of Skillshare. I like her different designs, getting me away from just mandalas. I see more dots in my future! Tomorrow I’m taking a Zoom class on drawing mandalas from a new friend. More about that next time! Have a great weekend and Labor Day for those in the US.