Around Here September 2023

Unfortunately, not much art going on the last several weeks. I did pick up this skirt at a consignment shop. I’ve cut the lining out and now I have this beautiful fabric to work with. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it’s so pretty!

I also had a Google Meet with a new friend who showed me how she drew her mandalas. I’ve not had a chance to work much on them since then, but here is the beginning of one I drew in her mini class. I’m looking forward to doing more of this on fabric.

And I’ve been thinking about the pieces I want to hang in the newly renovated bathroom. Here is one I’ve auditioned on a piece of my dyed fabric. The framing shows how it will look in the frame. Those daisies were from my printing daisies post here. I had added a stabilizer to the back of the fabric, sewing around them, and then cut them out. I do have a bunch more I could use in another piece.

I wanted to use this piece from my daisy printing with resist post here. However, it’s so light compared to this one, I’m just not sure.

For the third piece I wanted to use this one that was in a show last year.

Those pieces would all be above the bath. I keep changing my mind and not making any progress. I have decided what I’ll do for a curtain in the small bathroom and it involves one of my old stencils. I’m hoping I’ll get that done this week.

Meanwhile, the weeds have taken over the iris beds, and everywhere else this year due to the heat, trips to my sister’s, and my hubby being sick. Good news is the weather has been nice and cool and Dave is feeling almost 100%. Here is the one new iris bed down by the shed that I planted this spring. This was the second time I weeded since I planted it back in May. I blogged about it here. You can still see some weeds on the right side I’ve not gotten to yet. Some of the irises rotted so not sure how this bed will do.

Looking at my iris beds I saw that several of the irises need to be split but I have no place to put them. I decided to make a new bed in the same area. The only problem is this is the area where I had put down landscape fabric years ago after the tree died. Over the years I’ve had to remove it in order to plant. The main problem with removing it is the bushes that have been there since the beginning have rooted over the fabric instead of shooting under it. So it’s real hard to get them off the fabric. But I did work a couple sessions and got a small area for some of my transplants. Because I’m using fertilizer, and we have a problem with critters digging them up to get to the additive, I have added cayenne pepper over the area, and then added tulle for additional protection. They did make it through last night without being dug up.

So much to do, not enough time! I do have a few plants that are still showing their colors. The yellow poker came back for another showing!

Most of the other perennials are done for the year. I did plant several annuals so I’d have a bit of color during this time. I really don’t like them since they don’t come back, but now I may change my mind.

Well, that’s all for now. Things are settling down here so I should be able to get some art done. Have a great week, and as always, I appreciate you dropping by.