Finding inspiration for card making

As I’ve mentioned, my muse has been on vacation for quite a bit. When I look at all of my stash my mind wants me to create, but my body says no. Since I couldn’t seem to get started I decided to organize my studio. That involved going through a lot of stuff I’ve not gotten into for years including my bookcase. More about that in a minute.

I thought maybe thinking small like greeting cards could get me back into creating. I have a whole bunch of embellishments I’ve made, jewelry pieces, and other small pieces of fabric that have been in a variety of places in my studio. It’s been so hard to find anything, so as part of my organization I put those items in three separate drawers. It sure helps to know where they are and be able to grab them if needed. I just now need to label the containers!

Now that they are available when I want to make cards, how do I get started? I don’t know about you, but I need something to inspire me. Sometimes it’s another blog, the garden, or a fellow artist’s art. But nothing was inspiring me. It’s like writing. You sit and look at that blank piece of paper and nothing comes. I look at my bins of fabric, put it away and sit down and watch Netflix.

That’s where the bookcase cleaning came in to play. I hadn’t gone through that bookcase in years so I took everything out, pulled it out so I could clean behind it, dusted the shelves and then started making a stack of books I needed to give away. While I was doing that I ran into this book from my scrapbooking days. I have long since gotten rid of scrapbook material, but I kept this book thinking it might come in handy. And it was just the inspiration I needed.

Instead of me trying to come up with a design, she has lots of designs for cards (or they could be for large art projects). Once the bookcase was back in order, and the books I didn’t want taken to the library for their book sale, I sat down and looked through this book. I came across several designs that would convert to fabric cards. This was one of them I really liked.

The author includes the drawing and then a two-page spread of samples using that diagram. I was getting excited. Now to pick out fabric and the embellishment I wanted to use. The dark fabric is some I printed years ago. The daisies are from that printing with daisies project I did this summer. Here is the link to how I printed them. Then I added stabilizer, stitched, and cut them out like my other embellishments. The multicolored piece is commercial fabric I purchased awhile back. I really don’t like to use commercial fabric in my art, but it worked the best with the other two elements.

For instructions on how I make my fabric cards, check out this tutorial. Here is the finished piece before it’s added to the card front.

And the finished cards. I love how they turned out.

But I feel like I’m cheating using those layouts and not coming up with an original design. But that’s what I need to do right now. I can see several of this book’s designs being made into cards with my fabric.

Do you have those times when you just can’t get started?¬† How do you come up with your ideas? Where do you get your inspiration? I’d love to know.