Best of 2019 Tutorials

Another year has flown by, and it’s time to list my best of 2019 tutorials. In case you missed any of them, I’ve included links to tutorials above the pictures. You also can find all of my tutorials under the Tutorials tab at the top of this page.

Since I fell in love with the Maribu Fabric Spray paints in 2018, I started the year with using stencils as printing plates using those paints.


Stencils as printing plates


I continued my theme of working with stencils on fabric in my post on layering stencils using fabric paint.


Layering Stencils using fabric paint


I experimented with wet cyan printing. I had planned to do more of this, but time got away from me. Next year I plan to play a bit more with this technique.




I love leaf printing, but this post shows how to carry that  process further, and make  a foam leaf stamp. Of course, if you aren’t into leaves, you can make any type of foam stamp from a printing.


Making printed foam stamps


In October I participated in the #printinktober challenge online. I printed a bunch of fabric and wrote five posts on the techniques. This was the very first one using purchased printing rollers.




And I can’t leave out the Easiest Grocery Tote tutorial. Even though I mentioned in on the year in review, I had to mention it again since it is so easy and a great way to use up some of our stash and save us from using plastic.


Easiest Grocery Tote


As for what my readers are reading this year, here are the top three of all of my tutorials I’ve written since starting this blog.

This is the most popular for this year – Sun Printing Fabric with Dye-na-Flow. I wrote this back in 2012.  When I see this popularity, I think I should really update this post. Also, if you are interested in sun printing, I have several tutorials that are more current on my Sun Printing tutorial page.




The second most popular post this year is Hammered Leaves Art written back in 2011.


Lifting leaf
Lifting leaf


The third most popular for the year was Folding and Clamping: Itajime written in 2014.

Itajime fabric
Itajime pieces


I really like being able to look at my stats and see what my readers are reading. If you are interested in other tutorials, go to the top of the page to the Tutorials tab. The drop down menu will show all of the tutorials on this site.

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