Looking Back 2018

I always like to write this looking back post to see what actually happened this year. Here is a short recap.


We had a missile warning scare while in Hawaii. We didn’t get the false alarm message until 30 minutes later!


We came home to some ice damage. We had it fixed while our kitchen renovation was going on. We had some snags to the kitchen project, but we ended up with a kitchen we absolutely love. We thought we’d do more work on the kitchen next year including painting our cabinets, but we decided we were really happy with how they looked after we cleaned them up, added new hardware, and removed the crown molding. We love the quartz countertops and the vinyl plank flooring. It also gave us a chance to reorganize the cabinets making them really work for both of us.



I had been wanting a Juki and finally bought one. We don’t have a Juki dealer locally so I drove down to Paducah, Kentucky to pick her up.



I opened up my second online class, Easy Silk Dyeing. This is the fun class I have taught locally, and it’s always a popular class. If you’re interested in either this class or Icy Delights, I’ll be having a sale on both classes January 1. I’ll be closing enrollment January 5, 2019 for the month, but enrolled students will be able to access the classroom.


Fell in love with the muck dyes from Dharma.


We lost our sweet Ace in June. While on vacation, the vet where we boarded our kitties, called and said Ace was sick and later called to say he was gone. We were shocked since he was a healthy 6 year old.


I spent a lot of time on spinner art. I had written an article for Quilting Arts several years ago on this technique. I really wanted to work with the spinner and also a turntable to see what I could come up with. I ended up with several tutorials. Here is the wall hanging I made using one of those spinners.



In late August we added Ally to our family. Ally has had a lot of medical issues with numerous trips to the vet and lots of medication.  We hope her issues are finally clearing up.



It’s been slow with her making friends with Puddin, but here they are on my chair. If you look close you can see Puddin’s leg over Ally.  Wrist band around Ally’s neck is to prevent her from scratching her neck.


My five-session class, Art Sampler: An introduction to printing on fabric began at the University of Evansville. It was so much fun. I had not taught live for a year and it felt so good. I’ll be teaching another class there next May.



I was published in Quilting Arts. This was my article on printed fabric leaves. I loved writing for this magazine again.

QA Oct/Nov 2018



Got back into drawing and painting on fabric.

I ended this year 11 pounds lighter. I’ve moved my goal from 13 pounds to 20. I’m hoping in 10 more weeks I will have reached my goal. Dave and I also decided to start walking more and ended up participating in four races this year with the last one being an 8K. We are already signed up for a 10k next year.

Another year is finished. Looking forward to new adventures in 2019. Thank you all for visiting my blog. I appreciate all of your comments. Have a wonderful New Years!