Looking Back – 2020

It’s that time to look back on this year. Check out link above pictures for blog posts.


I Upcycled a Tunic.

Our trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – great weather, great food, relaxing time. We were planning to return in 2021, but that’s not going to happen.

One of our favorite meals – arugula pizza!

And the grocery stores had such great goodies.


Although I felt like my muse was gone, I did create some things including these Itty Bitty Boxy Bags. Not my tutorial, but link is on the post.


Made a lot of masks this month. When making them I thought that I needed to hurry up and make them before this COVID thing ended. Little did I know that we’d still be in it at the end of the year.

But I also found a hidden surprise in a blanket of Dave’s we were going to give to the thrift store.


Gardening always starts to ramp up this month, if not before. I’m always happy to get the asparagus patch cleaned up and ready for the season.

But I did find time for some creative play including fixing mom’s smocked pillow.


Then the irises started blooming. Every day I went out and checked to see who has appeared. They brought me such joy, especially this year with the pandemic.

I also painted some cheesecloth that I have yet to use. Any ideas?


This was a sad month when we had to say goodbye to our sweet Puddin.

I also spent quite a bit of time outside in the shade and sun areas. There is something about playing in the soil that does my heart good.

This was also the end of the iris parade, and the cleanup of the asparagus patch, getting it ready for winter.


I spent a lot of time in July reworking the iris bed, and adding a new one. As you can see in the previous photo, they were all pretty bunched up, and several did not bloom at all. Now they all have plenty of room to grow. I’m sure looking forward to this coming spring.

I also finished a piece and entered it into the SAQA Auction. I was so happy it sold so fast.


I spent quite a bit of time in the studio this month. I revisited flour paste resist, and discovered that I wanted to play even more with it later on.


High on my list of things to do this month was to clean up both my studio and the dye studio. I gave a tour of the studio in November, but it was this month that I got it done!



This month was a lot about reorganizing. I couldn’t believe how much better I would feel when I opened up my sock drawer, or the pantry and see everything organized.


I also sewed a wallet I’ve been wanting to sew.


I opened up my Etsy shop.

I also started working on a new online class on resists.

We also started making soap again. We’ve not made any for over a year, and our supply was running low. We made these three and several others. We have another session or two, and we will be stocked up for awhile. These are clockwise: Clary Sage, Coconut Peppermint and Dark Rich Chocolate. They are all cured now so I’ve just started using the chocolate one and it’s heavenly!


I sewed up some more pouches, cards, and my rope bowls for the local shop. I posted this bowl on Facebook to show what I was taking to the store, and one of my friends bought it right away!

I love printing with leaves, and have always wanted to print with the large collard leaves from the garden. I love the prints they made.

This has been a really interesting year for my genealogy research. Back in April I contacted a woman in SAQA, an art organization I belong to, to ask her about her husband’s family. Unfortunately, he had died last year so I never got to contact him, but she put me in contact with his brother, and from there I met via phone and email several distant relatives I didn’t know I had. In addition to “meeting” them, they also shared stories and pictures – some I have been looking for. I’ve been searching for information on my great aunt Mary, my grandfather’s sister. I was ready to jump out of my chair when I was emailed her wedding picture – Mary Schatz Hahne O’Hara and Alexander O’Hara.

And then months later I was able to identify Mary with her family, and others in this photo which was sent to me. The relative who sent me this photo awhile back had no idea who the people were. I now know all of them! That’s Mary in the middle of the back row at her home in Detroit around 1949.

Looking back really helps to show me that I did get a lot done. Today on my work table is the start of my CoronArt 2020 Exhibit art quilt. In spite of COVID, there was a lot of positive.

So much more to do next year. Will it be more of the same? I don’t know right now. I do know I want to sew more with the fabric I’ve dyed and printed over the years. I want to finish the online class I’m working on, and add possibly another one. And then maybe by the summer we’ll be able to get out and visit and return to a normal.

Thank you all for continuing to drop by, and for commenting. I appreciate each and everyone of you.